Frequency-CCMBA & The Ancient Black Pearl Training

Frequency-CCMBA & The Ancient Black Pearl Training


1 Full Day Certification Training.

Your certification includes a personal message and frequency attunement from Winnie to enhance your own work and practice. 

The Ancient Black Pearl - The Ancient Black Pearl Technique works on your nervous system parasympathetic, sympathetic, neurovascular and amygdala) A delightful combination of meridian clearing and energy healing it releases deep seated traumas and stress from these systems. When these systems are stress free, the amygdala shrinks and becomes like a black pearl, hence the name.

CCMBAComplete Cellular Mind Body Alignment is an extraordinary powerful energy healing modality. CCMBA takes place when healing energy is transmitted through the facilitator to the healee through a series of purposeful techniques.

It has been known to improve:
Chronic pain
Bone realignment; Spinal correction (scoliosis)
Recovery from emotional or physical traumas
Past Life Regressions
Recovery of lost memories
Severe addictive tendencies
Releasing of grief
Releasing of toxins from the system leaving oneself re-energized
Experiencing a divine spiritual awakening
Gaining a totally new outlook on life

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