2 Hour Core-Soul Workshops

2 Hour Core-Soul Workshops



Core-Soul Group healing Mastermind workshops: Approximately 2 hours. $175.00 per participant. Minimum of 6 participants-Maximum 15/20 participants. This truly is a excellent way to create a Mastermind healing synergy in the group……..

Provide a space and participants. Call for details.

Winnie encourages everyone to play an active role in their own healing. Her message is for others to become self-empowered, knowing that their own thoughts influence their body’s biochemistry to assist in their healing process. 

She will take you through a grounding meditation and connect participants to their own innate healing powers. The participants will be taken through a Mind-Body-Soul and Heart connection. She is a conduit for Divine quantum light transmissions and generates frequencies at a spirit level. Winnie’s creates a synergy with the group that can be used in conjunction with any healing modality. At every workshop she performs unique group energy flow to activate self-awareness that can be called either ‘attunement’ or “profound healing shifts”.

The Core-Soul Mastermind workshops are fun and empowering. The power of the group energetically fuels the space and bring even more powerful shifts and quantum healing to each participant. Each participant may feel the activation days before Core Soul Mastermind starts as each of the participants will have a light being guide assigned to them for the purpose of bringing out the Core issues of each participant and opening of the heart chakra.

Winnie generates frequencies that accelerate transformation in all areas of participants lives. She will tune in to the participants frequencies. Winnie focussess on issues such as: limiting beliefs, traumas, PTSD, abuse, previous lifetimes, relationships, finances, frequencies of lack, fears, self-worth, the process of aging, global and collective concerns. This workshop is ideal for those who are ready for rapid transformations and life altering healings and shifts.

Clients may experience multiple layers and levels of shifts, transformations and detox during, or shortly after when appointment is confirmed for quantum sessions. Winnie/Core-Soul is not responsible for any physical/emotional/spiritual discomfort that you may experience. Your Soul & Spirit determines how this process unfolds:)

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