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Refine your frequency redesign your life

REMOVE/EDIT FREQUENCY DISTURBANCES. release veils, blocks, Past life memories, unwanted patterns and Refine and bring back the flow of emotional, physical, spiritual and financial abundance.



Winnie's gifts and abilities really go far beyond the physical realm. She has had two near death experiences early on in her life. And many Divine interventions that shaped her healing journey. One of them prevented her from a head on collision in her twenties while she was still living in The Netherlands. In 2010, Winnie healed herself completely after she was told she would most likely not work again. A few years later Winnie resigned from her full time office job to pursue her healing career. She has been groomed since birth by her Guides and travels inter-Dimensional during her quantum healing sessions. She has since helped many individuals find their way back to Abundance in all areas of their lives and reconnect them with Spirit, Guides and Pure Source. She will explore with you the elements of what you can expect to encounter as you expand your vibration and elevate on your healing path and shift into more clarity, neutrality and authentic self. It is our birth right to know that we are whole and abundant. Our Healing starts from within. Every session with Winnie is guided by her beautiful team of Guides and the clients own Soul.

Winnie feels deeply grateful to be of Service. She is often deeply moved during her frequent downloads, upgrades and transmissions, that are very specific to Winnie's healing and facilitation's. Winnie and guides are looking forward to assisting you on your personal healing journey. 

In working with Winnie and her guides, we initiate a process in which we realign with Truth. For some, this process may create a fallout in our life circumstances as we shed that which is incongruent; and we may experience loss, confusion or feelings of desperation. For others, the journey may be less arduous but still lead us through unexpected terrain.

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Start your transformational experience today. Simply email or call Winnie to set up your appointment. We currently offer a description of the services provided by Core Soul Quantum Healing. For more information, or to simply get a better understanding about Core Soul, please click the Contact button below. Core Soul offers quantum healing consultations individually, for couples, as well as groups. Inquire about availability today. Winnie always strives to answer all emails within 48 hours.



Explore the universe of Winnie. You are invited to explore a curation of everything that is downloaded and received through Winnie. Get inspired, reassured, and find joy.


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— albert einstein