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Black pearl workshop



The Black Pearl Technique is a wonderful gentle method for neuro-vascular recalibration. This hands-on body modality makes use of massage-like techniques while bringing attention to specific meridian energy points.

Having a direct influence on the amygdala and our emotions, the technique allows the body, mind and spirit to achieve a calm, peaceful balanced state creating a sacred space for balance and healing to begin.


My love for essential oils is well known. And at times I use them during facilitation's as well. My clients mostly remind me what their favorites are when we start our session:) My dear friend Lisa Stokke and Sister from a past life is the most knowledgeable alchemist I know.......I love her blends and approach......please visit her website Temple Tree will not be disappointed. Her blends and  single ones are just exquisite, healing and uplifting. 

Please note: I do retail some of her oils in my practice for your convenience. Feel free to test some of the oils when you come and visit me:) And I will most definitely put in an order for you if you so desire:) Every time I receive my order I feel like a kid in a candy store:)

Enjoy and much love, Win.