during these times of returning to your

Authentic Self

in which rapid awakening is OCCURRING, you may find that your life has taken on an intensity you've never experienced before. Perhaps many of the unresolved issues in your life are now arising in full force, along with challenging emotions.  Can you trust your emotions? Do you follow your heart? Listen to your intuition? Trust your emotions? Are they all wrong? No, However: Until we understand and heal the origin of our emotions it may be helpful to step back from emotions and take a hard and honest look at where these emotions have gotten you in the past so you can be mindful of where these emotions will be leading you in the future.  It will help
re-calibrate your emotions so they can be of benefit for you. Here is where are healing journey begins. Emotions are merely tools used by underlying programs in your Source Code to maintain your reality. For example, if you run programs of abuse, low self-esteem, anger, feeling stuck, unsuccessful or misunderstood and are coming from a place of lack and fear, then any programs that run your heart feels the emotions that lead you to a person that will abuse you or have you experience any other program that is running. That’s why you may attract the same type of person or situation over and over again.