Hear what others are saying about Core Soul. An important part of growth, is sharing your experiences, please feel free to share how Core Soul has helped you in your personal journey.

Winnie is a powerful light (healer). I am constantly in awe of her ability to share her love and support others tirelessly, for the greater good of all. She is a guiding force in my life. This world is definitely a grander place because of Winnie’s light. Love you to the stars and beyond xoxo
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Helen M Slade, ERYT200, Owner of Fusion Wellness Studio
I have been working with Winnie for over a now and love it. She has helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend her work to anyone willing to work through old programs and stagnant energy holding them back from doing what they are meant to do on this earth. I see Winnie on a regular basis, and consider the work we do together integral to my mental and physical health and well-being.
— Andrea Donsky
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I have no words that can explain how these sessions with Winnie have changed my life. Nothing seems to do it justice. It doesn’t matter if you are releasing past lives, working through blockages, or navigating the stress of life the work is always done on a cellular and DNA level. Winnie comes from such a place of love and non-judgement as she assists in your healing journey, leading back to yourself.
— Melissa McMullen-RMT
Rarely do you encounter a teacher/healer blessed with such purity of intent and access to truly intuitive divine guidance. Winnie possesses such rare gifts and has been absolutely positively instrumental in re-opening my heart to the joy, stillness and beauty of life while assisting me in returning home to my most natural state of grace
— Toodles¬-Ashley-ONT
Through your practice and commitment, you continue to assist me towards my own personal clarity.  You have and continue to guide me along a clearing and knowing path, and I am very pleased with the progress as we break these personal barriers. Teaching me that under our heaviness we hold on to, is our true potential, light and love. I wish I have done this sooner, thank you for your professionalism, caring and support along the way.
— L. Smith
I will never forget the moment I stood with my guard down and stared deeply into her eyes. They looked bright and clear and full of love, confidence, certainty and a graceful quietness. Those big hazel eyes looked happy and they belonged to me. As I looked into the mirror, I felt grounded and felt like myself. 

I am no longer trying to defend myself or stand up for myself or get to know myself, I just AM myself...so genuine, so free. My relationship with my husband and son and with my family and friends has changed. I have a new found calmness that now sits as the foundation for each of these relationships. My relationship with myself has changed. I love myself AS myself. It is different than
believing in yourself or trusting or respecting yourself, those things are no longer part of the equation. I just love me...period.

In the past I spent years feeling like I was walking around in an empty shell. I felt lost, not sure of myself and trapped by old patterns. After my sessions with Winnie, I no longer feel that way. I feel authentic and have reconnected with my innate knowingness. That “shell” feeling is gone. I feel like I am one physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. LOL that does not mean anything goes wrong or life challenges and stresses disappear. For me, it means the way I handle life’s challenges and stresses and when things go wrong
(because they do) differently. I handle them with a different level of awareness, calmness and honesty than I used to.

Winnie is beautiful, lol, yes she is beautiful but I mean she is a beautiful person as a whole. She is unselfishingly loving, extremely intelligent, naturally intuitive and uniquely genuine. Her commitment to me and all her clients and our well-being is unfaltering and empowering. Her excitement for my own personal growth is energizing
and how much easier and quicker I can spot my true obstacles when I am with her is revitalizing. I am so grateful for the day I met Winnie. The day I started my counselling sessions with Winnie was the day I truly started breathing again without fear and without holding back.

After an amazing session Winnie always tells me how proud she is of me and acknowledges how much work I put into the session but I see us as a team. She is amazing at creating a safe environment where I really feel like anything is possible. Together with Winnie I have saved my
life on so many levels and in so many areas of my life. Thank you Winnie for being the most powerful, beautiful mirror of all.
— Sabina Andriopoulos-ONT
When I first began consulting with Winnie, I was feeling stressed about family concerns, relationships, career and money. This anxiety, doubt and fear about my own abilities and also about the future were issues that had existed within me for many years and I was ready to
experience more peace and understanding in my life. 

Over the course of time I worked with her, her skills as a quantum healer with deep knowledge and love, I am now finally able to consistently experience a greater understanding of my life’s purpose with joy, confidence and trust. I realize now more than ever, that it is our experience of inner peace and healing that creates our outside reality of peace, love and stability.

I have consulted with many practitioners in my life for energy healing and integrative forms of holistic healing. Though many of these practitioners assisted me, truly no one individual has assisted me more than Winnie with her unique skills and talents. 

Through her unconditional love, support and gifts, I discovered my own gifts and strength through learning to be “in my knowing”, trust myself and also trust the divine order of all that is now. She’s taught me how to trust myself and others, integrate and navigate life’s challenges as they arise.

These are exciting and challenging times on our planet now and I witness many feeling stressed by uncertainty and fear. Throughout this, Winnie has demonstrated herself as a trusted, strong and gentle guide and healer for us in these times with the integrity, skills and knowledge that few people possess and demonstrate.

I have recommended and entrusted her to many people in my family and also community of friends where they have experienced a shift in their reality toward love and healing by making peace with their past and choices, moving them into a more confident and joyful existence. Many I know have experienced a shift in their physical wellbeing as well.

If you are a person beginning your healing journey or have been on it for many years, Winnie is someone who can assist you where you are now to help you unveil the greatest parts of yourself yet to be discovered and put you on the path to success and deeper love in and for your life. 

I’m forever grateful for Winnie and her love and commitment to her clients and to the greater good for humanity.
— Lisa Stokke Boulder CO Founder & CEO Temple Tree Aromatics Founder Food Democracy Now!