who is

and what does she do?

Wineke is known as a Holographic Shift Facilitator and Inter Dimensional Guide.  She assists you transform/change your life by changing your frequency and Holographic reality. She believes that we are all complete. That we all have the power to change our Life by changing our frequency. And that Life experiences aren't here to destroy us, they're here to open us up.

Her service to you is: getting you unstuck by removing old programs, veils/blocks, energetic hooks & cords, old beliefs, old  karmic residue, past lives, outdated templates and stagnant thought patterns that potentially keep us stuck in re-occurring relationship issues. She also identifies very specific Soul group interactions and Soul agreements on all levels. Winnie's is also assisted to remove entities and attachments that keep people from living their lives to their fullest potential.

Winnie is Divinely guided and used as a conduit by a Source that identify themselves as The Light Being Alliance. They consist of a group of Ascended Masters, a group of inter-dimensional, intergalactic beings, Arch Angels, Angels and many other guides and elemental realms:)  Very often the clients own guides and loved ones come in for guidance and support:)

Like so many of us: Wineke was gifted with abilities from birth on, however neatly tucked away and not shared with others for many years. It took two serious health scares 10 years ago before she really fully stepped into her healing journey after she completely healed herself.
She struggles to define these gifts and work of service as it stretches far beyond the physical. In her early years she had a few near death experiences that confirmed that Angels, Guides and afterlife is real:) And in her mid twenties time travel intervention avoided Winnie to be in a head on collision. That Divine Intervention really stayed with her and confirmed inter-dimensional and galactic guidance is also very real:) Wineke has assisted many individuals wake up to their own powers to effortlessly materialize abundance in all areas of life which she believes is both our birthright and natural state of being.

Wineke assists in clearing layers of distortions that keep us from abundance. She works at a level beyond most known modalities and has
helped many clients around the world transform their lives after just one or a few sessions. However, most of her clients come to see her regularly due to her commitment in service to humanity, unconditional love and her commitment to inner self work and Core Soul tune ups. 
Wineke works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, that may result in tangible results. 

She does not claim or have the power to heal; but rather as the “conduit” for pure energy to manifest healing from a higher energy field. These fundamental shifts can impact anyone's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, guiding us into our natural state of abundance.

There is nothing you need to do during a quantum energy healing:) We work with pure Source, God Source. Just come with an open heart, a
willingness to do the self work and enjoying a very laid back and easygoing interaction:) We simply bring your attention to the present moment, the only moment of true power and unlimited potential. 

The way in which Winnie's clients experience healing and clearing varies. Some people "feel" Winne & her Light Being Alliance work on them energetically and physically. There may be a shift in temperature in the room or their reality may seem altered during a session:) Many
clients reported seeing beautiful colors or expansion and overall feeling of well being. Some fall asleep during a session. And others may experience a past life or a visit from a loved one:) Some beings of Light and elders are using Winnie physically for holographic work which may alter her appearance temporarily during some sessions. Other clients do not feel anything at all. You do not need to worry if you
do not feel anything...you are still receiving the full benefits of the work.

Loved ones do not need to be present in order to benefit from this work. Winnie works in spirit space without the restrictions of
linear time and space. You may “bring in” someone during your session by simply thinking of them and or bringing them in on a Soul level. Because we work in spirit space in which there is no time, they can benefit from the healing frequencies as if they were there as long as their spirit is open to receiving it. Neither you nor myself need to ask for their permission, as the permission is granted at the Soul/spirit level beyond their conscious understanding. 

After Sessions: Many people experience some effects of detox after working with Wineke- either through a personal session, group session, skype or phone session. These detox symptoms could be emotional (e.g. revisiting past patterns that are coming up now for healing or
perhaps feeling grief if relationships start to change or fall away), physical (e.g. extreme fatigue, a bout of flu, a bad cold etc.), or,
temporary setbacks as a blessing in disguise, etc.). As you connect more strongly to Pure Source it is possible to experience symptoms as things come up for clearing. About 40% of people experience these symptoms and many move forward with no symptoms at all. If you have the belief of 'No Pain, No Gain' or 'Things have to get worse before they get better' or if you hold on to the past dearly and have a
hard time letting go...you might be one of these people who must detox before accepting improvements. Each person's experience is unique. Just know that whatever you are experiencing is correct for you. Wineke advises rest,  for you to reduce stressful people and situations whenever possible and to be kind to yourself during this adjustment process. Other helpful advice is to drink lots of water,
eat healthy food and allow yourself an abundance of quiet time, meditation, fresh air and sleep.

Some people see immediate results without much detox while others take months or even longer to see significant change and may go through tremendous detox in their life to get to these changes. Your experience will depend on many factors including how many layers
need to be removed, what rule sets you have formed for yourself at a Soul/spirit-level, if any contracts or family lineages need to be
released, etc.  There is so much that affects your healing experience. Please know, however, that whatever it is that you are experiencing
is right for you.  You are on your way. Your Soul & spirit has brought you to her for a reason. Trust that you are moving in the right direction and as Wineke says: "notice what you notice". You are a Sovereign Soul, and your Soul is always in charge during energy healing sessions.

I am so looking forward to serve and to work with you:) Thank you for taking the time to honor you and your journey:) XO