welcome to core soul

 during these times of ascension (or returning to your authentic self) in which rapid awakening is OCCURRING, you may find that your life has taken on an intensity you've never experienced before. perhaps many of the unresolved issues in your life are now arising in full force, along with challenging emotions.

physical symptoms may also be increasing, as your body begins to shift with the ascension energies. some of the symptoms may puzzel both you and your health practitioners. 

to assist you through the challenges of the ascension process and in releasing both psychological and physical issues, wineke offers sessions of quantum healing.  


Quantum Healing is a powerful energetic form of healing that takes
place in the Quantum Field. The healing occurs on the level of the
DNA—a level that is much deeper than many other types of energetic
healing. It can be done in person or long-distance.

There is no assumption in Quantum Healing that there is anything
“wrong” with you that has to be “fixed”. You are whole and perfect,
just as you are and always have been. There are simply energy patterns
that have attached to your DNA that have been blocking you from
experiencing this perfection. When these patterns are released, you
will experience your authentic soul-infused self more clearly, begin
to function from a higher vibration, and  step forward more fully and
freely into your life.

Foundations: During the healing, “foundations” are released—energetic
patterns consisting of negative emotions and core beliefs that have
developed during traumatic or otherwise difficult situations and
experiences in your life (and past lives) and have attached to your

Over time, foundations that have developed in your body can cause
difficulty for you, both on the psychological and physical levels. In
Quantum Healing, all illness (including physical illness) is seen to
be caused by these foundations. They are often accompanied by genetic
predispositions and/or environmental insults.

However, genetics and environment alone cannot cause illness; and that
is why for true healing to occur, the releasing of foundations from
the DNA is extremely important.

New Instructions to the DNA: Once the foundations are released,
certain instructions are given to the DNA in certain parts of your
body for healing and re-establishing balance in your body-mind.